Ryeland @ Sky Garden, Bali, Indonesia (5)

Countless billboards were adorned with the Ryeland brand, as his international tour dropped in on the tiny island of Bali in the South Pacific ocean.
To many this is known as the Mecca of dance music, as many of the styles we are familiar with today have their roots in Indonesia.
Now, the place that 
kick-started the international dance music revolution was to play host to one of the hottest properties in the current electronic age.
Thousands of miles from his native land, Ryeland was the main attraction at Bali’s infamous Sky Garden super club complex ‘Skydome’, where he once again performed to a sold out venue.
Revellers were treated to an expansive production incorporating fire dancers, body grinders and an illuminating pyrotechnical display, but it was Ryeland who truly owned the night. He has grown more and more accustomed to the big rooms and main stages but has not let it dampen his energy and enthusiasm.
At the end of his show there were deafening scenes of elation, the crowd showing their respect and adulation for the artist who had been rocking their world for the last two and half hours.
Ryeland’s second ‘snapshot’ tour video will be released very soon and contains footage of his recent shows in Australia and Indonesia.


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