Martin Solveig – The Night Out (Ryeland Remix)

Martin Solveig - The Night Out (Ryeland Remix)612x612

 Martin Solveig‘s massive chart smash “The Night Out” gets a facelift for 2013!! This huge remix comes courtesy of British artist Ryeland who is destined for very big things in the near future. We at MMB have been following this guy for a short time now and have grown ever more anxious each time he releases new material. His sound is, at times, a delicate arrangement of harmonic sounds, full of emotion and imagination which can, at any point, be flipped 180 into a hectic array of manic sounds, unusual pattern structures and hooks which really grab your attention. Regardless of style, his productions are always razor sharp and we are quickly being familiarised with the trademark Ryeland sound.

The juxtaposition of sounds is never more present than in this track. The orchestral breakdown is fantastically executed with a Daft Punk-esque guitar riff subtly complimenting a very crisp string section. The vocal is filtered, processed and chopped up to give the piece a fresh feel. The introduction of rich synth stabs gives this track a big room, progressive feel while the killer riff and simple percussion give it a real ‘summer’ vibe.
The first and last drops have a solid, gritty bassline coupled with a chunky kick and lots of glitched up vocal stabs, synths and risers. Ryeland shows off his versatility, chopping and changing between melodic and aggressive musical styles to give this monster remix a completely new angle.

Martin Solveig had this to say:….”Following in the footsteps of A-Trak and Madeon is not an easy challenge. UK youngster Ryeland made it and surprised me with this version that will simply fit perfectly (into) my ULTRA sets…”
We very much look forward to a release date for this one and will keep you all updated as and when it happens.
MMB gives Ryeland a massive 5/5*****



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